Quality policy


ISO 9001

Through valuebased leadership, Niebuhr Gears wants to create the best conditions for employees to thrive. Through motivation, education and training, NG wants to form the backbone of our quality management system:

We always deliver products corresponding to customer demands and needs.

NG considers a certification in accordance with ISO9001 as a mean to achieve corporate objectives and thereby ensure our compliance to our policy. NG’s position is that the employees through information and education acquire knowledge and understanding of the quality management system so that they hereby have the opportunity to influence quality in a positive direction. All employees are considered "quality staff" with the right and the duty to participate in promotion of quality. NG undertakes to ensure that policies, goals and targets on quality is well known and understood by everyone in the organization and that each employee understands the importance of quality management system operation and its direct impact on product quality and hence improved competitiveness.

NB!! Chinese translation is under preparation